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OBA - one breath away

OBA – Beautiful Game (Available Now!)

Gordy Onayemi Ryan

Gordy Ryan
Patrinella Wright
Josie Howells
Holly Phillips
Zoe Ryan

The Band:
Danjuma Adamu- Drums ,Talking Drum
Ken Bichel- Keyboards
Vinnie Caggiano- Guitar
Mawuena Kodjovi- Bass, Guitar
Gordy Ryan- Keyboards, Drums, Jun-Jun, Ashikos,Tamborine.
Sanga of the Valley- Congas, Djembe,Shekere
Bruce Langhorne- Keyboards, Percussion
Al Schackman- Guitar
Sam Reid- Alto Sax
Doug Reid- Baritone and Tenor Sax
Al Keith –Trumpet
Leon Ryan- Djembe on Finish Now
Rhaeadr Ray Ryan- Djembe on Finish Now


OBA one breath away

Listen to audio clips of the songs from the album Beautiful Game

1. Beautiful Game (1.2MB MP3)

2. Just You and a Ball (1.3MB MP3)

3. Pressure (1.1MB MP3)

4. Get Your Hips Around the Ball (1.1MB MP3)

5. 11 is One (1.3MB MP3)

6. Head Up (0.9MB MP3)

7. Win it in the Air (1.6MB MP3)

8. Finish Now (1.0MB MP3)

9. Golden Goal (0.9MB MP3)

All songs composed by Gordy Ryan © 2005 OBA Music ASCAP