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OBA - one breath away


OBA – Beautiful Game (Available Now!)

Gordy Onayemi Ryan

OBA - one breath away

OBA the Music

OBA – One Breath Away


OBA one breath away
  OBA - the Band  
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  Vinnie Caggiano  


  Gordy Onayemi Ryan Gordy Onayemi Ryan

Vocals, keyboards, ashikos, jun jun, percussion

  Danjuma Adamu Danjuma Adamu


  Vinnie Caggiano Vinnie Caggiano


  Mahwuena Kodjovi Mahwuena Kodjovi

Bass guitar

  Holly Phillips Holly Phillips


  Zoe Ryan

Vocals, Shekere

  Sanga of the Valley Sanga of the Valley

Djembe, congas, percussion

  Gordy Ryan and Ken Bichel

Gordy Ryan and Ken Bichel